Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q: Will I receive the test result?

A: Yes, the test result will be confirmed to you by e-mail within 26 hours after taking the test by means of a printable digital copy. The results will be emailed to you in Dutch, German, English, French, Portugese, Spanish and Arabic as a PDF file with a stamp and signature of a general practitioner. On the result you will find your personal details, but also the test method and a statement of the RT-PCR test. You can also fly with this test result.

2 Q: What kind of test do you use?

A: PCR Test Nederland performs an automated PCR test in a renowned laboratory in the Netherlands. The laboratory is accredited and the test design has been validated.

3 Q: How reliable is your test?

A: Our test is so reliable that the chance that you will develop complaints caused by Corona within 48 hours after taking it is almost zero. The PCR test is the gold standard among laboratory tests. Our test with 8 viruses per swab scores 10 times better than other test providers and besides that it is processed on the spot and within a few hours.

4 Q: How is the test administered?

A: First, saliva is removed from the mouth with a cotton swab and then material is collected through the nasal cavity. The test is done by employees who are trained and supervised by the Goed Gezond Groep. They understand that taking the test can be a bit intimidating for you and they will do everything they can to make it as comfortable as possible.

5 Q: Who is the test for?

A: For anyone who wants to know if he /she is infected with the Covid-19 virus.

6 Q: If I am tested positive, do I have to report this myself?

The Goed Gezond Groep will report this to the Dutch Health Authorities. For more information see:

7 Q: The test result shows a doctor I have never seen.

A: The Goed Gezond Groep takes care of the correct administration and protocols of the tests and the results, the staff that collects the samples is trained and monitored by the Goed Gezond Groep.

8 Q: Can I develop complaints from the procedure?

A: In general, you may have some irritation in the nose, some people have some pain and nasal discharge for a while, but these symptoms disappear during the day.