Aalsmeer (The Beach)

  • RT-PCR Test € 119,-
    Result within 26 hours

    Including travel statement in 5 languages

  • Antigen Test (Lepu) € 45,-

    *Limited number of countries

    Results in 15 min

    Including travel statement in 4 languages



Pay attention! Travel to Morocco is currently only possible with a DCC, a travel certificate is not accepted here.

The PCR test specifically shows the novel coronavirus (SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome -CoV coronavirus -2) and is the most widely used and most reliable test. It is a test in which copies of part of the virus are made. A swab is taken from the nose and throat with a cotton swab. We process this in our laboratory.

With a PCR, a piece of genetic material of the virus is strongly multiplied in order to be able to detect it. The PCR test has a high test sensitivity. This means that the PCR test also picks up the virus from someone who (still) carries little virus.

The PCR test is the same as used in hospitals. Normally it takes about 24 to 48 hours after sample collection before the person who has been tested receives the result of the test, but with PCR Sneltest Nederland, you will receive the result within hours. A trained laboratory technician or analyst is therefore also present at all our locations.


Antigen rapid tests are very good at detecting the virus, if it is abundantly present, and that is approximately 12 hours after the start of the complaints. PCR tests are very good at detecting the virus in the period prior to becoming ill, so they are more reliable before you have complaints. If you decide to take an Antigen test without complaints, it may be negative, in which case the result will have no value, or it may be positive and in that case you should assume that it is correct. It is therefore better to do the PCR test to rule out contamination without complaints.